Living “the” Life

There is a lot to be said about living a good life.  Who really wouldn’t want to end their days with such an epitaph?  I was challenged many years ago by a man who graciously opened his life to me in Christian mentor-ship.  Jerry challenged my young thinking with the thought of living a “godly life” as opposed to “just a good life.”  While on the surface that doesn’t seem so powerful a thought or challenge; however, upon closer inspection – there is a great difference.

It comes down to who is really, and I mean really, sitting in the driver’s seat of my life.  It takes a lot more than platitudes, Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul sentiments and Christianise self talk to bring about a godly life.  I have found myself more than once in a wrestling match reminiscent of Indian Jones’ epic fight with the Nazi truck driver in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  You may remember the brawl that landed Indy out in front and eventually under the truck only to latch onto it with his whip and make his way back into the cab and dislodge the Nazi!  I have allowed myself into the role of the Nazi truck driver more times than I care to admit while Jesus has valiantly fought to drag me from behind the wheel – and always for my own good.  I am usually driving either too close to the edge or simply off a cliff in life when I am brought to my senses by God.

I like Joe Aldrich’s book Life Style Evangelism and in particular how he likens our lives to the music that the words of the gospel are set to.  My life should compliment and not take away from the words of the gospel.  I have come to appreciate that the gospel is about redemption in the fullest sense and not just in an individual sense.  My life is meant to be a redemptive agent as well as be redeemed. 

I liken my life to a fabric – so many strands (life experiences and forged wisdom) woven together to make a covering – in this life – this covering is for others.  I am covered by the grace of God already – the question is… what will I do with my life as it impacts others?  I hope to live a godly life (one that is good in God’s economy of scale) that provides a covering for others.  How about you?


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